Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Detroit Autorama....Take a LISTEN!

This is the 3rd straight year that my wife and I have made the trek up to the Detroit Autorama. It seems that almost every year, we have to fight the weather conditions, but it is ALWAYS worth the drive. SOOO many cool vehicles, like this sweet Chevy Impala.
Why don't the big three take a listen to consumers?!?!?! I've ALWAYS argued that Chrysler made a mistake with the Plymouth Prowler. They built a VERY cool modern hotrod roadster. However they put a little 6 cylinder under the hood. I've also always said, "Someone should take a Prowler and 'beef' it up." Well, imagine my delight when I looked over this sweet little red Prowler with a HEMI under the hood!
Well, here is another place were the Big 3 should have listened. I saw three different custom Pontiac Trans Am/Firebirds built from a new Chevrolet Camaro. There are a lot of diehard Pontiac fans out there that would have loved to own a new Trans Am!
I was a bit disappointed when I got home and looked through my pictures. This is the first year I've taken my new camera to Detroit. Looks like I need to read up on how to adjust for the lighting they have in the Cobo Center. Lots of my pictures came out a little light. Nonetheless....this '57 Chevrolet was VERY kool...(although my car club buddy who owns a chrome plating business would not have thought so. For some reason he doesn't like it when a car has painted bumpers/grilles/trim/etc. :)