Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Really Need to Stop Again....

Every day on my way to and from work, I pass a 1959 Chevrolet stepside pickup for sale. I actually stopped and looked at the truck last fall. It was in "barn find" condition. A nice patina and the orginal interio and drive train. Well, the truck came up missing a few weeks after I looked at it, and I kicked myself for not going up to the house and inquirying about the asking price.
Well, now that the Spring weather as came to the midwestern United States, the truck is sitting back out for sale. However the doghouse is now in the bed of the truck, and the original drivetrain has been removed. I don't know about you, but whenever I see a car or truck for sale, I get images in my mind as to the potential the vehicle has. In my mind, I can see this truck being fixed up into a really kool looking Ol' Skool shop truck.
Well, today as I was surfin' through vehicles that are currently for sale on eBay, I ran across this beauty out of Napolean, Ohio. The truck is VERY similar to the images I conjure up in my head every day as I pass the '59 sitting along the side of the road. In my mind, '59 Chevy and GMC trucks are SOOOO ugly that they are kool. Does that make any sense? I guess what I'm trying to say is that they are so unique looking from anything that was built before or after, they have a great look.
This particular truck has everything that I have been thinking I would do with the one I pass everyday. Low stance with airbags. Wide white wall tires with custom rims (although I think a set of Astro Supremes or Radir wheels would look even kooler), and a kool looking door logo painted in a "vintage" weathered style. (I'm thinking Suede and Chrome Garage would look great.) Finally a reliable drivetrain and comfortable interior round out the look. Very kool and "Suede and Chrome worthy".