Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another great show at IVY Tech in Richmond, Indiana

Well, the car show/cruise in season in "my neck of the woods" got off with a BANG today. My father, son, and I have made the short trip to Ivy Tech in Richmond, Indiana for several years now. The show has always been one of the first of the season in this area, and seems to grow bigger every year.
This year's show did NOT disappoint. The weather was incredible ( a little windy, but pushing near 80 degrees and sunny). And the cars were out in record number. This year's event actually was held in a little different location than previous years. Ivy Tech has a brand new building on campus (You can see it from Interstate 70) that has a nice, large parking lot.
I was a little disappointed in the fact that there where NO rat rods, and very few "home-built" traditional hot rods at the show. (Although a friend of mine's hubby drove his "Rat" to the show, he decided not to enter it....I did however take some pictures as I was'll see it posted here on Suede and Chrome in a few days). There were however lots of kool vehicles.
Because this blog is dedicated to traditional hotrods. I don't plan to post ever picture I took at this weekend's show. However, I have already posted the entire collection in an album in my virtual garage at:
I absolutely LOVED this little bobber. I would love to have something similar to "tool" around on.