Thursday, April 9, 2009

Archiving Pictures from Last Year's Shows

These pictures were taken last summer in Nashville, Indiana at the 2008 Hotrods and Hillbillies event. You can see more pictures from the event, as well as other events that I attended in the previous years, on the Hub!

Thought I'd "make my contribution" to the online car community by starting to archive my cruise-in photographs in my virtual garage at

Yeah, I know I've posted all of these photographs throughout the past couple of years on Suede and Chrome, but I think it's a lot easier to access them when they are organized as they will be on the Hub. And...if you want to see all of them, there is ONE catch, you have to become a Hub member (why not IT'S FREE!).

I've already uploaded pictures from 3 events (that's close to 300 pictures alone!). It's time consuming, so I'll try to "recap" an event or 2 a week. Hope you enjoy!