Friday, April 3, 2009

Color Ideas for Project 39

Well, here are a few of Ol' Scruffy's CRUDE attempts at helping his buddy Rocky come up with a color scheme. Did these rather QUICKLY tonight. I'll try to mess around with some other designs in the future. I'll probably post the red/black design to the Hub.

Are there any Suede and Chrome readers with some better software?!?!? I did these with a mouse and an old version of Adobe Photodeluxe. Once I got the Red/Black scheme, I just adjusted the hue to get the other colors. Got any paint ideas for Project 39? Post them here!

Work of my own continues on the Nifty Fifty. I'm hoping to get to spend some time in the garage tomorrow prepping and painting the rims. I'm also hoping UPS delivers my new set of beauty rings.