Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks for Reading!!!!!

Well, my "Suede and Chrome" counter recently passed 7,000 hits! That's AWESOME! Thank you the readers for your continued support of this site. You are truly the driving force behind my commitment to continue to post pictures for area shows and other car enthusiast related items.

I recently added a feature that may have went unnoticed by many readers. Along the right column of my blog, there is a small rectangle that tells you who many readers are currently logged on to the site. If I click on it, I can pull up some graphs, maps, and other data about the traffic on this site.

This morning I looked at the map of "recent visitors" and thought I'd share my findings. From the United States...I've had recent visitors from the states of: California, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Virginia, New York and Florida. Globally, I've also had recent visits from readers in: Alberta Canada, Glasgow and London in the U.K., Amsterdam, Netherlands, Athens Greece, Denizli Turkey, Johannesburg South Africa, and as far away as New Zealand! (all I have to say about that is G'day Mate!!!). It is truly exciting and humbling to be able to see the location of readers! Isn't the Internet an amazing thing?!?

p.s....An update on ol' Scruffy's daughter. The doctor "wired" her mouth shut yesterday. He said he "didn't like the fact that her jaw was still out of alignment". She has to go until next Thursday with her mouth wired shut. Only able to eat or drink what she can get through a straw! We drive back down to Dayton on the 24th to see the doctor again. Thanks to those readers who have sent notes of encouragement!