Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rod & Custom Magazine...May 2008

Just ran across a "blurb" online about a cover story in the May 2008 issue of Rod & Custom about 1949-54 Chevys. (see cover picture). According the what I've read, the issue supposedly includes some tech tips and resources for owners.

I looked on eBay, but no one has a copy listed. I also went to Primedia's website. They want $6 for a back issue PLUS $3 bucks to ship it! Before I do this, I'm wondering if a) any Suede and Chrome reader has a copy they would part with for less than $9 bucks! b) any Suede and Chrome reader who has read the issue can tell me if it's worth the cost.


This is a BEAUTIFUL 50 Chevrolet! It is simple, clean, and has the "right" stance. I'm still trying to get my car lowered before the James Dean festival in October. Can anyone tell me how many inches I can lower my car and it still be driveable? (I've heard horror stories of crushed oil pans and smashed lakepipes!) Everyone I talk to gives me a different answer and tells me a different amount of turns I need to take out of my front coils. Any help would be appreciated !