Sunday, July 6, 2008

A couple of Noteworthy Finds....

Another 'slow' week in my life with very little 'car' related news. I did have Ol' Blue out this week...I drove with my son to my in-laws house for a big Fourth of July get-together. My wife and the rest of the kids came in the Venture. (Speaking of the Venture, my wife and I have been looking around for a vehicle to replace the Venture that seats 8 that doesn't make "gas sucking noises" when you start it up. There isn't a great deal of choice out there. Most places have to "special order" a seat for an additional cost to convert a 7 seater to an 8 seater. We looked at some Toyota Siennas yesterday.) If anyone has some suggestions...Ol' Scruffy and family would sure appreciate it.

A couple of noteworthy car related items that a couple of friends have posted to the World Wide Web this week....

A friend of Scruffy's in Bloomington, IN posted an album containing photographs of models he has built. He tells me most are customized using additional pieces, scratch built, etc....All I can say is, "WOW...beetlejuice55 these things are AWESOME!!! Really works of art!" Thanks for sharing!

Here is a picture of a custom scale version of his own 55 Pontiac!

Another friend, this one is actually a mother of a couple of my students, posted a cool video of a camera onboard a car at a local racetrack. She actually races (check out her website at, and has a 1953 Chevy that she and her husband are working on. Thanks Vinylynn for the cool in car video and the vid of your car's first "movement"! I'm looking forward to seeing the car at the James Dean Run this fall.

Check out this video: In-Car Racing Camera SBS Compacts

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Check out this video: ITS ALIVE! 53 Chevy moves under its own power for first time!

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