Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So You Think You're Having a Bad Day!

A friend of mine sent me this series of pictures in an email entitled, "This is what a bad day looks like!" I thought it was timely and thought I would post them on Suede and Chrome. (Ok...they don't really fit with the theme of this blog, but many ARE "car" related.}
I thought they were timely because my most people's standards, we had a bad day last Saturday. My wife and I loaded the kids (yes...all 6 of them), up in the minivan and drove 1 1/2 hours to see the Dayton Dragons play. The Dragons are a minor league farm club in the Cincinnati Reds organization. The club came to Dayton about 8 years ago and has sold out most every game since. I believe that Sports Illustrated reactly listed the Dragons on their "most desireable tickets" list. At any rate, we met up with a group of parents and students from my middle school. We had an area of "lawn seats" reserved for us right along the right field fence and right by the visiting team (Beloit Snappers) bullpen.
Well, our "bad day" started early in the game when it began to rain....a light rain that only lasted an inning or so, but enough to get us wet. Then things went well until the 7th inning. If you've ever been to a professional baseball game, you know that it is tradition to have a "7th inning stretch" in which everyone stands to seeing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".
Well, as we stood and looked at the Jumbotron to read the lyrics, the rightfielder was warming up with one of the pitchers in the bullpen. The rightfielder made an errant throw that went over the pitchers head and hit my 15 year old daughter squarely in the jaw. Immediately there was a crowd around us, and security quickly came and took my daughter and wife to the First Aid area. I then tried to gather up all of our stuff (blankets, baby toys, etc.) and the other 5 kids including one stroller and one wheelchair. As I was doing this, the skies "opened" and it began to down pour.

Well, to make a long story short, by the time I got everyone rounded up and under some shelter, security came and got the rest of the family. They took us through the First Aid area and out to the street just in time to see my daughter being loaded into an ambulance. My wife road along with my daughter, and I got directions to the Children's Hospital from one of the EMTs. I then walked a couple of blocks with the kids and loaded up the minivan, then headed for the hospital.

After a long evening in the emergency room, and a CAT scan, doctors determined that my daughter had two fractures in her jaw and at least two broken teeth. Because of the swelling, they were unable to determine whether she will need surgery.

We are scheduled to drive back to Dayton this Thursday so that a doctor can look at her jaw and tell us what needs to be done. She also has an appointment at the orthodontist on Thursday morning to try to determine if her braces will have to be taken off to repair the damaged teeth and to take some X-rays to see if any other teeth were cracked.

So the bottom line, Thanks Rocky for the pictures! It reminded me that no matter how bad your day....there is always someone that is probably going through something even worse!

Have a GREAT week! I've got a couple of shows on my calendar that I'm hoping to get to in the coming weeks. As always, I will have my camera in hand taking plenty of "Suede and Chrome worthy" photographs!