Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pictures in the Sunshine!

Well, we've finally had a nice day since I purchased my '50 Chevrolet. When I got home this evening, I called my insurance agent to check on the progress of the policy for my ride. Hoping it goes through in the next couple of days so that I can get the car plated by the weekend.

One thing nice about living in rural Indiana, I had the car out on the neighboring county roads today with no worries about getting pulled over.

After I got home, thought it would be cool to take a few pictures of the car in front of my gas pump. I got out my cruiser and my youngest son's pedal car and snapped these. I think they do a better job showing the true paint colors.

The more I have the car out, the more little imperfections I'm finding, but I got to say....I am ABSOLUTELY loving driving it around. It is hilarious to watch the reactions of the neighbors and the folks I pass on the road. Everyone waves or gives me the thumbs up! Can't wait to actually get it out to some cruise-ins.

I've got a question I'd like readers to comment on. I put 5 gallons of Unleaded gas in the car the other day just to tool around in. I'm wondering I should be putting some sort of additive into the tank since this engine was originally designed to run on leaded gas. If so, what is it? I'd appreciate any responses containing information. I've never had to worry about this in the past. Never had a car this old, and dad's '47 is subframed running a late model 350.