Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here's An Idea!

Just saw this 1950 Chevrolet for sale on eBay tonight. Thought it had some pretty cool features. I like the old school pinstriping on the front fenders, hood and trunk. I also like the wider whitewalls with no hubcaps.
The flat black is cool...but I'm liking the metallic blue and cream that is currently on my 50 chevy. The paint job has a couple of small issues though. I've been trying to think of a way of repairing them this summer. I think I could design some scallops that would take care of the issues. I'll have to do some internet searching to see if I can come up with some scallop ideas.

One issue that I want to address at some point with my Chevrolet is the interior. I've already mentioned it needs a headliner. I really like the simple but clean look of the seats and door panels in this car!
I'm currently bidding on a set of fender skirts. I'm also watching for a good low budget sunvisor.

I'd really like to get some pinstriping done this summer. Does anyone know the approximate cost of something like this (hood, front fenders, trunk and dash?)

Have a good one!