Monday, April 14, 2008

Another Picture

Still haven't had much sunshine in East Central Indiana. Had the car out this afternoon giving my oldest kids rides around rural Indiana roads. Thought I'd post yet another picture. This one taken from the eBay posting. I think this picture does a better job of showing the real color of the paint.

I'm waiting for the license branch to open to get this car plated. The license branches around here are closed on Mondays. I've been doing a little research online and I discovered that Indiana passed a law this year that allows vintage car owners to plate there cars using a vintage license from the year the car was manufactured. The plate can not be repainted and must be in good condition. Does anyone have a 1950 Indiana plate they would be willing to sell cheap? Looks like the BMV will give you a antique vehicle plate and an affidavit that most be carried in the car in case you are pulled over. I'm not sure if this is the total cost...but the Indiana Motor Vehicle website said something about $48.00.....and it sounds like you have to renew them annual. What a crock! My dad bought vintage plates in Ohio for his 1947 Chevrolet and they are good for 50 YEARS!