Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Pics of the '50 Chevy!

Well, this morning was overcast and rainy in East Central Indiana. But I thought I'd back my new "wheels" out of the garage and take a few photographs. (after I cruised around a few rural Indiana roads!)

Pictures don't do the body color least not pictures on an overcast day. The car has a nice metal flake. The top of the car is a creamy vanilla color. I'm hoping the colors will show up better in pictures when the sun is out.

The previous owner gave me a file folder filled with receipts, old registrations, etc....lots of history. It's been enjoyable reading through some of the stuff. The car is orginally from Iowa. The previous owner bought it at "Old Cars on the Hill" Classic Antiques in West Branch, IA. Looking through the paperwork, looks like this car used to be gray. There are even some photographs of the car before it was painted and of some of the body work that was done.
I appreciate the "kudos" from some of my readers concerning my "find". I've been asked several times today what I plan to do with it. Well, I've been talking with a couple of people about wide whitewalls. I've learned that there are places that can actually trim away some blackwall to make thin whites wider. Someone told me they thought it cost as little as $15 bucks a tire. This sure beats the cost of new Coker whitewalls I've seen online.
I'd like to find a decent sunvisor for the car as well. I've been watching a few on eBay, but most have missing brackets, etc. Many sellers seem to be unsure of exactly which years and models their visors fit. I may wait to look at swap meets this summer.
The car needs a headliner and interior panels on both sides of the rear seat. The interior (seats and door panels) are actually gray (left over from the previous paint scheme). I think I would eventually like to redo the interior....possible a nice tuck and roll, maybe white? But that will probably be down the road.
My friend who went with me to pick up the car is the guy who owns a chrome plating business. He is already hitting about things that he thinks should be done this summer. :)
Another thing that I might try to do this season is have some kustom pinstriping done. I know that there are usually some pinstriping guys at a few of the shows I go to. I definitely would like to have the dash done. possible some Von Dutch type striping on the nose and tail of the car too. Probably look for some new dash knobs too (as you can probably make out in the picture above they are showing there age.) Maybe some cool teardrops or something. Don't plan to do much else at this time....just enjoy it as is. Who knows though....the nice thing is, down the road as I can afford it I can also consider upgrading suspension, drivetrain, etc.
I'll probably take the car to the cruise in at Ivy Tech in Richmond, IN on April 26th. That's the first area show that I'm aware of. Anyway....looking forward to the summer! If you've got suggestions on what you think I should do to the car, feel free to leave a comment.
Have a GREAT week!