Wednesday, April 2, 2008

1949-1952 Chevrolets part deux...

I've been a bit under the weather this week...haven't had a chance to post much.

As I mentioned in an early post. I've been watching a couple of 1949-52 Chevrolets on eBay this week. Unfortunately for me, I missed the end of an auction I was winning! The car is done in Louisville, KY. The auction finished with the reserve not being met. I've been in contact with the owner though, and have been told it is for sale locally. I may investigate the possiblity of driving down and looking the car over.

This morning, I found this 1951 Chevrolet 2-door for sale on eBay. It has a later model 350 in it. Also looks like it has Chrysler LeBaron front seats. Right now the car is bringing a bit over $1,000 with no reserve. You can check it out at:

If it's a patinaed four-door your looking for. This Chevrolet is also currently for auction on eBay.

See all the 1949-52 Chevrolet cars and trucks currently on eBay at: