Thursday, April 24, 2008

Now That's Just Weird!

No....I didn't get a chance to have my car Overhauled by Chip Foose and crew in just 7 days!

But this is crazy! I'm surfin' eBay tonight....lookin' for parts for my 1950 Chevrolet and lo and behold....a car with a VERY similar paint scheme appears!

Check this out! SEVERAL of the ideas that I've been thinking of for my ride right here in living color for me to see! Unbelievable!

This thing has been lowered, has some sic wide whitewalls, and chrome reverse rims (I think I'd rather have some powdercoated steelies).

The interior is pretty sweet too! I simple white tuck and roll.

I also like the finer details like the frenched radio antenna and the groovy turn signal lens.

I don't like the instrument panel replacing the stock gauges though.

At any rate, thought this was pretty cool. Really helps me get a visual picture of what some of my ideas would look like.

On a related note. Still trying to set up a time for someone from law enforcement (a.k.a. The Fuzz) to come out and do a VIN inspection so I can get my car plated.

Unfortunately, the delay will more than likely suspend ol' Blue's maiden cruise-in voyage. I had planned to take the car to Richmond, Indiana this weekend to the Ivy Tech show. The show starts at 9:00 am and goes through 2 pm. Not a big show, but usually has a decent turn out. Last year they had a raffle for a complete 350 engine.

I still plan to go to the show car or no car. I will take the digital camera and try to take a "boat load" of photos which I will promptly post to this site.