Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mooreland Fair Car Show Post #1

Well, I'm glad that I made the decision to stay for awards at the Hillcroft Services Car Show. Hillcroft Services provides programming and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Delaware County, Indiana. All the profits from the car show go directly to Hillcroft. I had planned to leave early to make registration at the Mooreland Fair show, but decided to stick around for trophy presentations. Glad I did...the Nifty Fifty took a Top 15 trophy.

Once trophies were passed out, I went ahead and headed over to Mooreland, Indiana. Thought even if I couldn't register, at least I could check out the show. MAN! I'm I glad I did. There were probably 120+ cars in the park at Mooreland. I had a really hard time finding a place to park, and finally found some empty space way out in the back of the park next to this yellow Effie.
 Lots and lots of REALLY kool vehicles were at the Mooreland Fair Show. I had never had the opportunity to get over to the Mooreland Fair Car Show, and was VERY surprised at the number and quality of vehicles.
It was good to see my neighbor's brown Effie at the show. Usually I see it several times throughout the summer, but this was the first time this year. Lots more from Mooreland in the days ahead...Be sure and come back tomorrow for more.