Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mooreland Post #2

WOW! I had no idea that a car show in the tiny little town of Mooreland, Indiana (my guess is that the whole town has less than a dozen stop signs) could draw so many incredible cars! Talking with several car owners, they all attributed the success of this show to it's organizers: Bud and Rita Grubbs. One fellow told me, "Bud is such a likely guy that all of us come back year and year to support this show." I'm not sure of the final count...but I know there were well over 120+ cars and trucks at this year's event.

Man....this little Red Ford was VERY kool! I loved the custom fender skirts, whitewalls, checkerboard firewall, and rolled and pleated interior. That red piping really set the interior off! I didn't get to talk with the owner, but a car club buddy told me it's own by a little lady! I wonder if she's from Pasadena? lol