Saturday, November 22, 2008

Playlist Autoplay Fixed and Shay A remembered

Never let it be said that Ol' Scruffy doesn't listen to his readers. "Just a Car Guy" emailed me a complaint that he didn't like the autoplay feature on my media player. He said it was annoying that everytime he jumped from one post to another, the autoplay restarted.

Well, if you notice, I've changed the color of my media player to "red" and shut off the autoplay for a while.

I've posted a few old photographs that I found today while surfin' through my picture files. Pictured are my 3 oldest children in their "pre-teen" years. When they were younger, they loved for me to borrow my buddy's Shay A.

Shay A's were a fiberglass Model A reproduction car that was sold through Ford dealerships in the late '70s and early '80s. The cars were built on a Pinto chassis with a 4 banger under the hood. The car is actually very fun to drive. My kids loved taking turns riding in the rumble seat. Fortunately for me, my friend enjoyed letting me drive it, so we borrowed it whenever we had a chance. In fact, I even took it to a few area car shows.

The gas pump in the pictures is my first attempt at restoring such an item. The thing looks pretty good in these photographs, as they were taken shortly after I had finished it and placed it in front of the garage. To look at it today, Mother Nature has given it a faded patina. I've thought about taking it back apart and refinishing it again...but I kinda like the "aged" look it has taken on.

A couple of years ago, my buddy took this car down to his winter home in Florida. He's also got a '57 Chevy down there. Fortunately for me (and my kids), I bought Ol' Blue so we can still enjoy a summer drive in "vintage" fashion.