Thursday, November 20, 2008

Customs, Comments, and Corvettes

Well, sometimes life is a wild ride. It's been an interesting week in Ol' Scruffy's life. I makin' it through and survivin', ...but haven't had much chance to post anything new to the site.

I certainly appreciate the comments and emails I've been receiving of late. Recently, I've been thinking about ways to improve the site. Hopefully as the number of cruise-ins and car shows dies down through the winter months of the Midwestern United States, I'll be able to try a few new improvements.

I certainly appreciate the links some of my readers have made to this site. One of my favorite bloggers: Just a Car Guy (see link in right column of this blog), emailed and told me that he appreciated postings of unique customs. Well...first of all "Thank you". Secondly, thought you might enjoy these pictures of a truly wicked looking late model Corvette taken by my friends at the Corvette Expo. Looks like the owner likes all the conveniences of a modern Corvette with the looks of an early 50's model. It's hard to believe you could pull this off without it looking like a cobbled mess...but this guy did it!

I also enjoy any other comments and/or emails concerning this blog. Any suggestions that you'd like to see added/deleted or changed would be appreciated. Seems Just a Car Guy doesn't like the automatic start of my media player. I'll have to look into the possibility of resetting it to play only on demand.

I've had SEVERAL requests for updates on "Project 39". As soon as my friend Rocky sends me the photos, you can bet I'll post 'em!