Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Pics from Tennessee and Syndication!

Well, I've still got a few pictures from the Corvette Expo in Sieverville, Tennessee to post. Thanks again to my friends Jim and Cindy for sending me these great photographs!

I'm diggin' the cool color of this Ford convertible. The wide whites and chrome spoked wheels really make this one beautiful car. The Chevrolet Nova pictured below actually reminds me of my childhood. The very first model I ever remember building (and I think I actually got some help from my father) was a 1969 Nova.

I received an interesting email the other day. Seems someone likes the content of this blog. I've given my o.k. for the content of my blog to be "aggregated" into the content at The result should be increased visits to this site...too cool daddio!
I absolutely love the looks of 1958-59 Chevrolet pickup trucks. They are a real "ugly betty". So different looking from anything else, that they are really cool. I must say however, that I prefer the fleetside and Cameo models over the stepside versions like the one pictured here.

I sure which I could figure out a way to make some $$$ from this blog. It would be much easier for me to talk the wife into letting me buy some new parts, tools, and kustom swag at swap meets and via the Internet if I was bringin' in some dough for the amount of time I spend uploading photographs and adding text to this site. In fact, I just noticed today that I've reached about 59% of my "alloted uploaded data" to Does anyone know what happens when you reach 100%?!?!? Will I have to start deleting earlier posts? Will I have to pay for any additional uploaded pics? With several hundred posts already under my belt, I think I've got some time before I have to start worrying about running out of "free space", but still, it makes me curious.

HEY!!! This WAS a Corvette Expo! Here are a couple of shots of some very nice looking early Vettes for those readers who were beginning to wonder where the vettes were!