Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey! It's Ol' Scruffy's Birthday today! I'll be heading to Dayton, Ohio today to celebrate "another year" with family, but that isn't going to stop me from continuing to post pictures taken at last Saturday's indoor car show at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Richmond, Indiana. I was hoping to get over to Daddy Katz's place while I was in Dayton today, but he emailed me and said the store is closed because he is attending the SEMA event. Oh well, hopefully I can get over there in the near future and check out all of his cool stuff. Check it out at:

This Bonneville was very cool!

I just received over 60 photographs from friends and avid readers of Suede and Chrome. Seems they were recently at a National Chevrolet and Corvette show in Tennessee and thought that I might be interested in the pictures they took of the event. I've got a few more "blind" shots from Richmond, Indiana, then I will be posting the pictures they took. Thanks Jim and Cindy for the photos! I'm sure Suede and Chrome readers will enjoy them in the coming days!