Saturday, November 8, 2008

Makes Me Want to Spend My Retirement!

WOW! I ran across this beauty while surfing eBay this morning! I can't even express in words the emotions and memories that this car brings to mind. Growing up in the late 60's and early '70s, I'm a product of that time when Mattel introduced hotwheels and Revell was cranking out scale models of Ed Roth creations. This car really captures the whole spirit of a much more innocent time in my life. VERY COOL!
Once again....WOW! This thing would definitely be the hit at ANY local, regional, or national car show, cruise in, show and shine, etc. It is just absolutely cool! If Ol' Scruffy didn't have a wife and 6 kids to feed, he could definitely force himself to live modestly on a cot in the rafters of a small garage if this was underneath! Ha!
That being said, I thought I'd post the pictures and comments the car's owner has placed on eBay, because not only is the work, craftsmanship and time he has invested absolutely amazing, but his comments had me falling off the desk chair in the Suede and Chrome office this morning!

Check them out below:

In order for me to get busy building something else this winter, I have to sell my RUNNING, DRIVING, Ed Roth inspired hot rod, the ATOMIC PUNK. Try and find one of these for sale anywhere else! It has been seen in several magazines and is currently the Cover Car on the newest Rod and Custom Magazine. I suggest you go out and purchase one. It has won a several awards like best of show and best Kustom at the Detroit Autorama Extreme, and a bunch of others, but I don't have to tell you all of that for you to know that it is a nifty unit, now do I? I have been approached by a few different shows requesting that the car make appearances this winter with paid travel expenses and whatnot, I will pass that info along if the car sells. There is a lot of show left in this pony, but I would rather be building my next car than touring the show circuit.

Motor is a 392 Hemi, it runs and drives great and starts easily since my pals at Harrell Mfg in Rockford, IL (who will soon be making the famous Harrell heads and intakes again) took it and got it tuned in for me. It has a tubo 400 Tranny built by Midtown transmission in Eau Claire, WI. Brand New Johns Industries Posi 9 inch with their Buick style drums that I had polished (not covers) hung with adjustable coil overs and polished stainless hair pins. The front end is a chrome drilled and dropped I beam from Pete and Jakes with Wilwood discs hidden inside Obrien truckers Buick drums and backing plates. If you need to know more read the Rod and Custom magazine article. It wouldn't matter what I say about the car anyway because some goof will most certainly e-mail me without reading it anyway. Almost every nut and bolt is either chromed or polished stainless. I spent a small fortune on this car so don't call me up and expect me to end the auction early for half what I spent on the car. I don't HAVE to sell it. I don't believe all of this talk about a recession. I am coming out of the biggest recession I have ever seen after building this thing!! I can assure you though, if it sells I promise to blow most of the money on more stupid car stuff! I have contemplated moving into a bigger trailer though, and maybe one with a bon-a-fide crawlspace and foundation under it. That would make me a bit hit with all of my friends come tornado season! I would also be interested in taking partial payment in the form of Pre-war Coupe or truck projects, value to be determined before the end of the auction. I like Zephyrs, 32's, 33's, 34's, and 36's I am also interested in vintage motor bikes. I don't mind selling overseas either, but the car is being sold as is, where is and I don't want to have to transport it. Check out my other auctions and improve your lousy wardrobe with a spiffy new T-shirt!

Let me answer the most common questions to save myself some e-mail grief:

1: "Where'd you get the bubble?" If you think that was the hardest part of building this car, let me tell you that is the least of your concerns. If you want an answer though, I will tell you that it involved a lot of hair dryers, oven mitts, and a disco ball.
2: "Doesn't it get hot in there?"....why yes it does, that is why it has an Air Conditioning sytem in it. It is really quite comfy in there though.
3: "It looks cramped in there" is. But it is not any more cramped than a chopped and channelled Model A, trust me, I had one. You couldn't even fit into Roth's best looking cars. That is why they look so crazy. If you wanted comfort you'd be searching "coupe DeVille" now wouldn't you?
4: "is it fiberglass?" heck no, sailor! The body started as a 1959 Plymouth sedan and some Chevy farm truck parts. The rest was rolled out from sheet steel on my English wheel. It sounds easy and all but everyone that has ever told me how they were going to build a car similarly has given up because of the work involved. It ain't easy kids, if it was, everyone would have one. It won Fay Butler's "Best Metal" Pick at the Detroit Autorama. He wouldn't give that to a glass car, now would he? I couldn't tell you how many hundreds of hours (maybe over a Thousand? I'd rather not think about it.) I have in cutting, welding, grinding, and hammering on this car. Even if you could afford the hourly rate, I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would build you one.

Now, for those of you that only think about practical things and have to run things by your wife, there are things that you can do with this car that wouldn't be remotely as cool as with her Toyota Camry, I know, my wife has one. Also, Roth's Orbitron has some interesting history that is tough to beat, but here are a few things that you can do to make this car come in a close second.

10. Fill it with popcorn and butter and take it to the drive in. You'll be a huge hit.
9. Fill it with gumballs and park it outside of the mall (a sure fire way to make the purchase price back if you ask me)
8. Fill with styrofoam packing peanuts, a squirrel cage fan, and a Santa Claus dummy. Plug in that fan and you will have a life sized snow globe. If you put it in your front yard, you will win the neighborhood Christmas decorating contest hands down, especially if you live in Florida!
7. Fill it with lizards, plastic plants, and a log and let your kid park it in his room and use it as his terrarrium.
6. Your kid's arch nemesis gets dropped off at school every day in a General Lee clone? Even the score and earn yourself the "coolest dad ever" title.
5. If you roll up to the Star Trek convention in this thing you will most likely have your choice of EITHER of the chicks that are there (or possibly both of them if you play your cards right, it depends on your Wookie).
4. So your wife is whining about your car collection getting too big?? Park this baby in the living room and fill it with all of her stupid "Precious Moments" figurines.
3. Park it in the Kitchen and use it to keep your cake/pies/doughnuts fresh.
2. Install a hydroponics system and grow your favorite vegetables, flowers, or herbs in it. Remember it IS climate controlled.
1. My Favorite, Do big Smoky Burnouts in it and drive it!!!!!
Be sure to check out my other auctions and get yourself a spiffy new T-shirt! I will be a sport and include one with the car. Your choice of White or Black size S-XXL. Don't tell me I'm not generous!
If you have any real questions about the car I would be happy to answer them. Aaron Grote (217) 841-5337 or my e-mail
$1000 non refundable deposit required by Pay Pal within 24 hours of the end of the auction. Mainly because of some fool who gave me the run around on one of my previous cars......'re work is truly amazing and your sense of humor is hysterical!