Friday, November 16, 2007

Pinstripes are Sic!

Man, I need to invest in a good set of pinstriping brushes and some paint! I used to do a lot of drawing, painting, etc. when I was a kid. My parents sent me to a couple of art classes during the course of my childhood...I also took a drawing class in college that I really enjoyed. (Guess I should have continued to pursue this talent). The problem, like a lot of things, these things get left behind as one gets busier and busier with career, kids, etc.

I do enjoy this type of stuff though. A few years ago, I painted flames and scallops on my 3 oldest childrens' little league batting helmets. They were the envy of the league! I've since flamed and pinstriped a couple of mailboxes, and pinstriped a set of hubcaps for the "Great White".

Maybe some day I will break down and invest in a set of brushes and a pinstriping video and/or manual. I've got a few sheet of 18 gauge steel the stamping plant foreman gave me when I worked in Human Resources at a local casket factory. These would work great as "practice canvas"!