Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Crap!!! I'm Sorry!

In my excitement in getting ready for the trip to Decatur, IL. for the 9th annual Hunnert Car Pileup, I forgot to  pre-load posts for the weekend. Couple that with the fact that the filter at work changed and I can't access this site from anywhere but home. Then add to that 3 teenagers that have been monopolizing the computer of late. I've already heard from a few folks that missed their "daily fix" of Suede and Chrome. Guess I'll just have to post a boatload of photographs over the next few days to try to makeup for my mistake. Have a GREAT week!
Man....this Plymouth looks an awful lot like the one my wife's aunt and uncle had that I let get away. Even though it was a "more" door...I knew someone could make a cool rat rod out of it.
At first glance this may look like a nicely restored "stock" Crosley...but check out the Catepillar Diesel engine lurking under the hood!
 Well, again, I apologize for the few days without posts. We had an INCREDIBLE time at the 9th annual Hunnert Car Pileup! The new location was great, the cars were incredible, the bands were out-of-site, and the unseasonable warm weather was outstanding. I took LOTS of pictures this past weekend. But I've got a lot more pictures from the Ducktail Run to get through first. (Maybe I'll continue with LARGER posts for the next few days to try to make up for the days missed!)