Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hunnert and Halloween!

Even though this event happened several weeks ago, I'm still getting a "warm feeling" as I look back through my photo album and upload them to this site. This event is about as near to heaven as a car guy could get on earth. The weather just made the day that more outstanding. And to top it off, live music throughout the day, man, it just doesn't get any sweeter.
One thing is for certain, the strict entry guidelines set forth by the Chrome Czars and enforced at the gate insures that any billet-laden, digital dashed trailer queens will be found OUTSIDE in the spectator parking area and NOT as part of the event. I didn't see ONE guy sitting around in a lawn chair guardin' and polishin' his ride. hahahaha! Ah, but that's what I love about this kind of event. Instead, lots of folks just hangin' out with friends, meeting new ones, and admiring the quality, creativity, and koolness of home-built hotrods!
Most folks who would call themselves "repeat readers" of this site know that I'm a sucker for '49-'54 Chevrolets...and this one had me droolin'! Man, I loved the flat white paint and the LOW stance.
I noticed that this year's new location and warm temperatures seemed to bring out more "average joes" than last year's show, but you see "all kinds". I actually saw a family stop this guy after I took this picture. Their little 4 year old son wanted to have his picture taken with the "mohawk man", and he happily posed for the camera with the little guy. I can tell you I like is hair A LOT more than these goofy sunvisors with hair (see guy in the foreground) that have started popping up at events. lol I'd list them right under "crying baby dolls" on my "most annoying things to see at a car show" list.
Always cool to get another chance to check out this Indy rod.