Monday, October 25, 2010

Last Post from the Fallout

As the sun sets, so ends another photo set on Suede and Chrome. The only disappointment I had at the Fallout was that I did not get to hear the band that I really would have liked to hear. Knuckeldragger was supposed to perform on Saturday night, however the hotel had a power outage and the concert was delayed. We ended up heading back to the Muncie area as darkness approached. I've heard from some Facebook friends that the concert FINALLY 12:30 am. lol
Starting tomorrow, I will begin posting pictures from a small local show that I attended a few weeks ago at the Corinth UMC Church outside of Muncie, Indiana. You won't want to miss the before and after pictures of what occurred when a local club the "Twisted Wrenches" put on a flame throwing show!