Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 James Dean Festival Post #1

Last year's James Dean Festival attendance seemed a bit down. Rain and mud kept a lot of folks home. That seemed to be true with the swap area last year as well. And while the numbers at the Festival were no where near what I remember in the past (seems that the majority of folks are going to the Ducktail Run), the James Dean Festival still draws a lot of cars and spectators. (Some of my car friends actually tell me they prefer the quieter more laid back atmosphere at the Festival versus the crowded, noisy, cars packed into the park atmosphere in Gas City.)
It was great to see my friend Rocky's Caddy @ the James Dean Festival...makes me wonder though...'cause I saw his Ford pickup truck along with a vintage camper at the Ducktail Run. hahaha
Rocky's buddy's little pickup truck is some real "eye-candy"...I always enjoy seeing it at a show.
And I STILL can't walk by a '49-'54 Chevy without taking a picture! Come back tomorrow for more from Fairmount, Indiana