Monday, May 24, 2010

Wheels for Williams

Man....I loved the patina on Bud Grubb's bike!
O.k....gotta tell ya, I was very "stoked" that these guys were kind enough to make the drive from Noblesville, Indiana to let everyone at the show see there INCREDIBLE creations! All of these are created using Knex building toys. The detail on this engine and the bikes is amazing.
Talking with them, I learned that they started on their first bike about 10 years ago, now they have 5 bikes. They have about $1000 in Knex parts for EACH bike! All I can say is I've gotten LOTS and LOTS of comments about how cool they were. Thanks again guys from bringing your stuff to the show!
Ya know, the cars, bikes, trucks, pedal cars, models, and bands were cool, but the real purpose of the show was to bring public awareness to Williams Syndrome. It was great that a few WS families were able to make the trip to Losantville. It was great networking with each of them, and I think a few of them want to help coordinate the event in the years to come! (that would be very putting on an event like this takes a lot of work.) Always great to meet families who understand what it is like raising a child with WS.
It was also very kool to get to see some car friends that made a sizeable trip for the event. I appreciate my friend Rob Riley for making the drive up from the Bloomington, Indiana area. He brought his family and lots of very KOOL stuff including this awesome custom Schwinn Stingray. I've already posted one picture of the bike, but my father took these, and quite frankly...I can't get enough of this thing. Thanks Rob!
Finally, another thank you goes out to Larry Wiley from Union City, Indiana. His pedal tractor collection was another "hit" of the show. I appreciate him bringing it to Losantville for everyone to enjoy!
Well, with this post, I've exhausted my photographs from the Wheels for Williams Show...but don't fret. I asked Angie Fields to record the day as I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the day. I believe she told me she took about 177 photos and plans to burn them onto a cd for me. I will definitely have a few more to share in the near future.