Saturday, May 15, 2010

Final Shots from the Kroger Parking Lot..

Thought this was a pretty cool "Ford vs. Chevy" moment.
ANY TIME we are in Greenville, Ohio...that gives us an excuse to go through the drive thru of this iconic establishment.
The Maidrite has been in business in the same location since the 1940s. Their loose meat sandwiches are absolutely incredible. Rumor has it the hamburger is steamed in beer. Then the right amount of spices, diced onions, dill pickles and mustard give this things a one of a kind taste. People come from all over to buy them by the sackful. Their drive thru is usually lined up down the street.
At some point in it's history, local teenagers started sticking their chewed gum to the drive thru wall. Now the building is literally covered with generations of gum...kind of gross...but one of those local things I guess.
Today is going to be a busy one for me. After months and months of planning...our clubs 1st Annual Wheels for Williams Show is finally here! Registration is from 9 am til 11 am, with awards at 2 pm. Come on out to Losantville, Indiana if you are in the area and introduce yourself!