Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old Fashion Days, Arcanum, Ohio 2010

Well, this week I'm looking forward to heading down to Kentucky on the 29th and 30th. A little time with my little brother as he turns the BIG 4-0, then on to one of my favorite shows of the year....BEATERSVILLE!

Last year was the first time my wife and I made the trip down to Louisville for the Beatersville show. And it was so incredibly kool...that we decided to make it a little "getaway" again this year. If it's anything like last year...I will come home with LOADS of pictures of lots and lots of great traditional hotrods, rat rods, and gassers.
This past weekend, I wasn't able to get over to Arcanum, Ohio for their annual Old Fashion Days Car Show. But fortunately for you, my folks were able to make the show.
The show is held annual, and for the past couple of years, they have held it in the lots of the Troutwine Chevrolet Dealership, right downtown.
Looks like there were a lot of great cars their again this year...but if any of the organizers of the show are reading this blog, I'd like to petition for either moving the show to later in the afternoon, or to Saturday. It's impossible for church-going, out-of-towners to make it. Registration starts at 9 am on Sunday morning, and judging it over by early afternoon. I tried to bring a friends Model A over to the show after church a few years ago. By the time I got there, awards had been handed out, and all the cars had left.
At any rate...by looking at these photographs, it's apparent that the time doesn't seem to be a problem for a lot of folks.
Thanks to my pop, there are lots more pictures from the 2010 Arcanum Old Fashion Days Car Show in the days to come. Surf back to Suede and Chrome tomorrow for more!