Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always Willing to Help Out...

Got these photographs and description from a former student of mine. Seems her boyfriend is wanting to sell his 1967 Ford Fairlane XL. Thought I'd help them out by posting the information on my website. While I personally am not a "Ford Guy", sounds like the car is built right and I've got to admit it's pretty easy on the eyes. Sounds like it's a bit faster than the creme-colored '67 a buddy of mine owned in high school. We used to spend a lot of time at the local hangouts and cruising Broadway in it. They have since shutdown Broadway to cruising. What a shame, used to be a BIG hangout for teenagers on the weekends.

 1967 Ford Fairlane XL 302/353 stroker/ custom Scat forged steel crank, Eagle Rods, JE forged pistons 10:5:1, YATES Y3 Nascar heads, Titanium valves, keepers and retainers, roller rockers, solid roller lifters, Rousch Racing Nascar high rise, ford racing X303 cam, Demon race 750dbl, Griffin 4 core alum radiator, MSD ign, rev limiter box, Tremec TK500 5spd, 11in clutch, steel drive shaft, Moser Nodular iron 3rd member (850hp + rated) Moser 31 spline axles, ford racing Daytona pinion support, Richmond 4:56 gears, Auburn Pro diff, Currie Steel 9in axle housing, 4 link style adjustable traction,  60’s era Magnesium racing wheels, Original interior, All work done by Bliss motorsports and Jack Vaness. Bulit for Nosatlgia Drag class ( @ 11.70 ¼ mile et ).  8500rpm peak HP 750/  640 ft/lbs torque   $30,000 obo

If you are interested, email Kristen at or call Scott directly at 937-414-2564.