Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Nifty's Family Reunion!

Well, when I pulled in to the Special Cars for Special Kids show, I spotted a couple of old Chevys in the side corner of the lot. No one was parking around them, thought it would make for a cool photo op...so I pulled the Nifty Fifty right in beside her younger siblings.
The cars are owned by the owner of the BLD 50s Cafe, the place the show was held. Both are for sale, $1200 a piece, or both for $2400.
Both have a lot of cancer...but surprisingly, there were several parts on both cars that were could be salvaged. Most noteable for me...Deluxe stainless window trim, Deluxe stone guards, Dome light assembly, and rear armrests.
 Another shot of the "Best of Show"
A picture of the trophies.
 I've seen it a few times before...but I really like this Ford Panel Truck. It was originally a used as a delivery vehicle for a Laundry Service.