Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lots of Cool Stuff from the Don E. Smith Collection...

Still more photographs from the first stop on the 7th Annual Blanket Run hosted by GodSpeed Rides in Brownsburg, Indiana. This first picture is an interesting "one-off" that looked to be built on a Camaro frame.

You can see from this photo that every building was filled to maximum content. Lots of "odd-ball" stuff like a Vega Crosworth, etc. You could literally spend a day or more trying to look at and read all of the historic stuff on the walls of each building. Lots of autographs and such literally everywhere!
If you are "into" racing, Don has a great collection of various race cars. Every thing from Legends, NASCAR, Indy car, Sprint, and Midgets.
And did I mention the Coke vending machines and ice chest collection?