Friday, December 25, 2009

Finishing Terre Haute Tour, then Back to Indy....

Don had a few classics outside under a metal roof. 
Another builiding, more STUFF! You name it....Don probably collects it! 
My pop and son stop to poise with a big Grizzly "lawn ornament".
A few more pictures of some of the cars that made the 70 mile run from the west side of Indy to Don's place. I really liked all the painted murals on the outside of Don's buildings.
Once we got back to Indianapolis, we went to the Cluster Buster's Club house for lunch. This is the second year we've made the trip, and once again the Cluster Busters were gracious hosts. Great food and a chance to check out a few more cars in the parking lot.
Hoping you and yours have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!