Saturday, March 19, 2011

Squiggy Comes Through!

HA! I've got a friend named "Squiggy" who does some really cool "old school" CARtoons. I had asked him last spring if he would draw the Nifty50. Well, because he lives a bit of a distance from me, and well, because "Squiggy is Squiggy"'s taken a little bit of time to get the finished version.

But LO AND BEHOLD....I got Squigg a gig at this year's Hotrod and Restoration Trade Show. In fact, I got a few of my acquaintances who have some artistic talents into an new area of the show called, "Hotrod Artists". And guess what...the Squigg came through with my drawing!!!! I was sooo happy with it, that I had to scan it and get it on Suede and Chrome as soon as I got home!!!! Thanks Squigg!!!

You can contact Squiggy or check out more of his art by clicking on his picture in the right column of Suede and Chrome!