Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People's Choice Award Voting Update.

Thanks to everyone that is participating in the voting.  Unfortunately, being car guys (and not computer geeks), we didn’t foresee a problem with the voting software allowing multiple votes from one computer over and over and over.  This creates an unfair advantage for anyone smarter than us (which is not very difficult).  So, to keep the purpose of the award intact….FUN…we’re adding a couple other elements to the voting:  a panel of manufacturers from the show have requested they be judges of “The Local 12”. Also we will have a panel from the Golden Builder Award rank the cars as well.

Therefore, the final award will be based on both Popularity and Scoring.  Our hope was to have fun with this award, and more importantly  recognize the great work of local “car guys”.  If nothing else, we have exposed these 12 local cars to a worldwide audience of car folks through the internet…and that can’t ever be a bad thing! “
1/3 Online Voting (popularity)
1/3 Vendor Voting (best use of parts)
1/3 Panel Voting (panelist from the Golden Builder Award will rank the cars on same criteria)