Friday, March 25, 2011

HRR Trade Show Post #5

 Glad to have had the opportunity to get a few of my friends into the show to show off their talents. My friend Taz striped up a few cool things over the weekend, including this skateboard deck. You can see lots of Taz's work by checking out his website at:

 Now I can honestly say, "I've never seen that before!"...How about an ultracool drag SSR?!?!?!?!

 And...while we are talking about "ultracool" about this incredible T-bird? Even a diehard Chevy fan has to shake his head in disbelief and say, "Man, that is KOOL!"
Once again, and example of how a camera can not see what the eye can. This may look like a pretty nice, stock 1939 Ford. But look VERY closely, lots of chrome, ghost flames on the fenders, etc....this thing was beautiful. Still lots more to come from the Hotrod and Restoration Trade Show! Make sure you tell your friends and come back tomorrow!