Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twisted Wrenches, Crawldads, and the Parker City Fire Department

Well, I cleaned up the Nifty Fifty a while back on a Sunday afternoon and headed out for Muncie, Indiana to swing by a little dive called "Crawldads" where a local car club was hosting a cruise-in. The Twisted Wrenches are a group of car nuts that seem to have a thing for flame-throwing. I had seen several of their vehicles at a show a month or so before, so I figured it might be worth the trip into Muncie to check out the show they were hosting.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate and almost as soon as I pulled into Crawldads, the flood clouds rolled in and the rain began to pour. I was only able to take a couple pictures of this cool Dodge pickup (pictured above) before the rains came, but there were a lot of cool trucks, cars and bikes at the show. I'm hoping that the Twisted Wrenches will host a few more events next year, 'cause I will plan on returning.
An event that the weather did cooperate for was the Parker City, Indiana Fire Department's car show held on October 30th. The event was held in conjunction with an antique tractor show and a free chili supper. While the temperature was a bit chilly, the turn out was pretty decent. My youngest wore his Spiderman costume and ran around collecting candy and passing out Hub Garage decals. lol