Thursday, December 30, 2010

Still More From Richmond, IN

Man, this Chevy pickup was kool! It was built very similar to the "vision" I had for the '72 Chevy shortbed I had before I bought the '50 Chevy. Flat black paint, white walls, low stance, and white dash. The mexican blanket interior and kool pinstriped door panels really "finish" the look. I dig the metal flake on the roof of the cab too.
I will officially post the last of the pictures from this album as we finish 2010 tomorrow. But don't worry. After we left the Vintage Wheels show, the Righteous Rodders headed East on I-70 to Kettering, Ohio for the 2010 DaddyKatz Bicycle and Minibike Show. My friend, Bill Winger always has something kool going on, and we definitely didn't want to miss out.