Friday, June 25, 2010

WGE Post #2

One thing I like about the whole "ratrod" scene is that it gives the owner freedom of expression and allows him/her to build a cool cruiser with the available parts and/or means they have at the time. And while I think this truck would have looked much cooler retaining it's fat fenders, I do like the custom door art and pinstriping.
But what I found most interesting on the truck was the door panel treatment. It reminded me of the truck I took pictures of at Beatersville last month in which the owner had used pages from old Superman comic books to create a headliner...great stuff.
Not real fond of the late model steering wheel. Looks out of place in this truck. A big vintage steering wheel with a suicide knob would look much kooler.
This little purple t-bucket used to belong to one of our club members..."Trader Don". Of course as much as he likes to wheel and deal, probably 1/2 the cars in East Central Indiana had his name on the title at one time or another. haha!

Well, If the weather permits, today I'll be taking the Nifty Fifty on one of her longest journeys since I've owned her. I'll be heading down to the 11th annual Road Rocket Rumble at the Waterfront Clarion Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you see a Blue and Beige '50 Chevy broke down along I-70 between New Castle and Indianapolis...stop and help old Scruff out! haha!