Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Always Great to Hear from Readers!

Man....I love getting reader email! I really like it when readers share photographs of their rides or things that they think I might think are kool. Well, Kathy from Faribault, MN. did both!

Kathy is a concessionaire and thought that I would like her friends International Harvester Metro ice cream truck. Well, obviously Kathy is an avid reader, because over the past few years, I've mentioned the fact that I'd really like to hot rod a Metro or a little Divco milk truck. Kathy, you're dead on! This thing is very KOOL in my book!
 Kathy also told me she hopes to one day have a hot rod of her own to restore, but until then, she has this "mini" hot rod. I love it when a reader teaches me something too! According to Kathy, it was built between 1950 and 1953 by Snapper lawn mower when business was slow. It's a replica of a 1919 Tin Lizzie, and can reach speeds of 3 miles an hour on a chain driven axle. Man...this thing is very KOOL Kathy! Thanks so much for sharing and reading Suede and Chrome!

Tomorrow, I plan to begin posting pictures taken last Sunday at the 5th annual Beatersville Car and Bike Show in Louisville, Kentucky. This year, I was able to take close to 300 photographs, so make sure you stop by Suede and Chrome every day in the month of June to see more from one of the best traditional hot rod/rat rod shows in the Midwest.