Thursday, June 24, 2010

WGE Credit Union Car Show, Muncie, Indiana

Well, with my busy schedule, I drove the Nifty Fifty in to Muncie, Indiana to try to make this show, and unfortunately missed registration. At any rate, I was still able to see a few friends and take some pictures of a few area cars.
It's always cool to see something that a bit out of the ordinary, and this early Plymouth coupe fit the bill.
The older I get, the more I more I find old station wagons to be cool. I've always thought the '56 Chevrolet was a better looking car than it's old and/or younger brothers, and this '56 wagon seems to prove my thinking.
Seemed to be a lot of vintage bowties at this year's event. The lines of this El Camino took me back to my childhood. My Uncle Randy had a late '60s Elky. I can remember it had a "Keep on Truckin'" decal on the tailgate. ha!
More pictures from the 2010 WGE show tomorrow.