Saturday, June 2, 2007

Trip to Kruse International Auto Auction

This morning, I loaded up a friend and his three boys and made the 2-hour trek to Auburn, Indiana. I've been wanting to take another trip to the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum. I've been up there a few times in the past, and I had a few free tickets that I received in a raffle a few years ago.

Well, this weekend seemed like a great time to head up. School's out and the Kruse Spring 2007 Auto Auction was taking place. This is something that I can remember attending with my father when I was a little guy, and I've been wanting to get back up there for this as well. I was hoping to take my father and oldest son with me, but they decided to take my father's 1947 chevy coupe to a cruise-in instead. (This is story for another blog).

The weather could not have been more beautiful. Blue skies and 85 degrees. We started at the Kruse Auction. We walked around and looked at all the vehicles that were waiting to be sold. Then we went into some of the buildings. A local Corvette club had several cars in one of the buildings, while another building was filled with car related/flea market stuff. Finally, we ventured into the main building were the auctions would be taking place. We sat down and watched as a motorcyle that did not meet reserve left the rotating stage. Next, a 1941 Chevrolet "Rat rod" drove onto the stage. The car was in primer with suicide doors. One of the auctioneers opened the door to reveal black leather seats and door panels that had green flame inserts. Another auctioneer said that the car had a 454 under the hood. At any rate, the car didn't bring the $10,000.00 (ha!) that the owner thought it was worth.

Next was a wave of several cars with "no reserve". The first was a good-looking 1973 Mercedes sedan. Sort of a metallic blue. The car was very straight, and ended up going for a mere $950.00 dollars! Next, an Austin Healey and then an Alpine Sunbeam both went for under $2,000.00 each.

After a few more cars had entered and left the auction area, my friend's boys decided they were getting hunger, so we got up and left the auction. We drove around Auburn until we found a Subway.

All in all, a great trip to the Kruse Auction. Next time I might even consider bringing along my checkbook.

After lunch we went on the the Auburn, Cord, Duesenberg Museum, and then the Kruse Automobile and Carriage Museum and the WWII Victory Museum. I will continue to tell the story of our adventures (and include addtional pictures taken on the trip) in future blog entries.

CRAP! I tried to clean up my hard drive tonight and load a bunch of my pics onto a CD to free up some space. I thought I got all the pictures I took in Auburn onto the disc. However, while I was trying to load some more pics into this post...I've realized that I may have LOST everything!!!! (did I already say, "crap"?)