Monday, June 11, 2007

"Keydog" Gets His 1st Dash Plaque

Well, we didn't get to take our annual trip to the Indy Goodguy Hot Rod Nationals this year. At $20.00 a person, dad was just to cheap!

Instead, we went up to the "Losantville Days" in Losantville, Indiana. They had a small car show, and I decided it would be cool to break out my youngest's new "wheels". I bought this car on eBay last winter, assemblied it, and have had it stored in the rafters of the garage waiting until the little guy was big enough to "power" it.

Well, he isn't quite ready to make it go, but the other night, he went "crazy" at Wal-mart over a red 2007 Mustang convertible Power-Wheel. He has also been enjoying "driving" the new shopping carts at Meijer as well. Have you seen these things? Rubber tires, seatbelts, a built in flat-screen TV and a steering wheel. The boy loves it!

I figured even though he couldn't peddle the hotrod yet, he would enjoy getting pushed around by his siblings in it. Well, as you can see from the photo....the boy loves his new ride. We took the car to the show and even was given a dash plaque!