Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Indianapolis Auto Show

Yesterday, I went with my wife's Uncle and my son to the 2006 Indianapolis Auto Show. The event was both exciting and a bit frustrating. On one hand, the new Chevrolet Camaro concept car was very cool! However, I was disappointed that Dodge did not have a Challenger concept at the show. I was also disappointed in the general lack of exciting products and product changes for the coming year. Granted, the auto-consumer has a lot of choices with lots of models and more foreign automakers like Kia, Mini, etc., however, there doesn't seem to be a lot of creative styling in the industry today. Every car looks like someone else's car. Not many breath-taking designs.

Camaro Concept

Some highlights included:
  • Chrysler-Diemler is considering re-entering the Jeep name plate into the truck market. The Jeep Gladiator concept was on display...sort of a Jeep wrangler with a truck bed.

  • Chrysler also had the Chrysler Imperial concept on display. Sort of a Bentley-want-to-be/Mafia car. Appears to be built on the 300 C/Magnum platform.

  • Although I'm not a Ford guy, I was impressed with the Saleen Mustangs on display. The metallic orange Mustang had a completely glass top!

I've been told that my links to photo albums do not work. Until I figure out what's going on with them, I thought I would upload several pictures from the Auto Show directly to this posting.