Friday, December 29, 2006

The one that "got away"...twice!

A 1951 CHEVROLET COUPE!!! A rat rodders dream car! This car sat about a mile and a half away at my neighbor's house for several years. When we first moved here, my neighbor's son drove this car to school. I would see it several times throughout the week going up and down our road with several class-jacket wearing boys inside. After his son graduated and went into the service, the car sat beside the garage facing the "elements" and time. I inquired about the car several times, but my neighbor said his son did not want to sell it. A couple of summers ago, I stopped by and asked about it again. This time, my neighbor said that his son had called and told him if anyone was interested, that he should sell. I looked at it on two separate occasions and told him that I was interested, but needed to "convince the wife". During my spousal negotiations, the car came up missing!!!

Later, I found out that another neighbor saw that the car had been moved and stopped and asked about it and bought the car on the spot! Over the next 6 months, I would drive by the car's "new home" every day on my way home hoping the garage door was open to keep tabs on the car. The car's new owner took the front and rear end out from under the car and planned to put a new IFS and rearend under the car along with a "hot rodded" V6 with a split manifold in the car. To make a long story short, the guy ended up selling the car because of some financial issues. A friend of mine told me about it, and thought I could get the car for less than I would have paid for it from the first neighbor. The car would be disassembled, but would come with the new drivetrain and front and rearend. I stopped on three occasions at my neighbor's house, but each time, no one came to the door. Before I could make contact with him, I found out he sold the car for $1500.00!

Guess this one wasn't meant to be!