Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Looking at New Cars

Growing up, I always thought that I would one day be able to own some American-made muscle. I had friends with Trans-Ams and Camaros throughout high school, while I drove a Chevette. Heck...during my first teaching/coaching job, I drove a Chrysler LeBaron while one of my wrestlers had a 1969 Super Bee!

At any rate, college bills, a house payment, a wife and LOTS of kids have put those ideas on the back burner. Still, every once in a while, I like to drive through the local car dealerships. Some times I'll even take something new out for a "test drive".
Two years ago, a friend of mine, who at the time worked for a local Dodge dealership, brought a new Magnum R/T to school for me to test drive. This year, one of our substitute teachers owns a red Chevrolet SSR. When he subs, he has on occasion let me borrow the keys and take it for a spin.
I'm excited about the future of automobiles in the US marketplace. I look forward to seeing the new Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger in the next couple of years. Last week, while on my way to the Indianapolis Auto Show, I spotted a new limited-edition (only 1500 will be made for 2007) Sub-Lime Charger Daytona on a nearby dealership lot. Most of the time, when I think of muscle cars, I DON'T think 4-door, but I have to admit, the Charger Daytonas are pretty slick! And those who know me know that I have a certain fondness for anything green (i.e. Ratfink green, Sub-lime, Hot rod green, Green Apple, etc.) (My wife still occasionally grumbles about the fact that I painted the brake calipers on her Talon hot rod green.)

Maybe one day when the kids are grown (with a 8 month old in the house that day may be a long way away) I will be able to own some American muscle. Until then....I'll keep dreaming.