Friday, December 29, 2006

The 1947 Chevrolet Coupe

Several years ago, I was driving down McGalliard in Muncie, Indiana and an old ratty looking 47 Chevy flew by me. As the car passed, I looked into the driver's seat and realized the driver was an old friend of mine from High School that I hadn't seen in years. A few years later, I ran into this friend again and asked about the '47. He told me that he had been doing some work for a local body shop in trade for them to allow him to work on his own car. He had lost interest in the project as well as time and money. At the time of this meeting, he was in a "relationship" with a woman who had a few kids from a previous marriage. He said he planned to sell the home he was living in, all his "worldly possessions" and move in with her in Pendleton, Indiana. I saw the "opportunity". I asked if he was interested in selling the car, and he said that he was. Having a family of my own, and trying to pay back college loans, I knew that I was not in the position to buy it, but I thought that my father might be interested.

To make a long story short, my dad bought the car for $700.00. We had to pick the car up from behind the body shop, then travel to my friends house to get alot of the parts. In true "bachelor" form, he had been using the seats at his kitchen table, the chrome reverse wheels and tires were stacked in his living room, and boxes of misc. parts were scattered throughout the rest of the house.

The following link is to an album that contains several pictures of the car as it appeared the day we brought it home. It also includes some pictures throughout the early restoration. At one point, I added some pictures of other 1947 chevrolets that I had found on the Internet. I also added some "paint scheme" ideas that I had been toying with using a digital editting program. Although still in prime (Dad has been quoted as saying "Real rods don't need no stinkin' paint"), the car is road worthy and has attended a few cruise-ins. One of my favorite pictures in this album is the one I took from the backseat of my father and oldest son as he got his first ride in the car.

I have a few photos I have taken recently, I will try to add them to the album in the near future.