Thursday, January 11, 2007

1946 Chevrolet Rat Coupe

I followed the bidding on this one last summer on eBay. The guy got cold-feet and ended the "no reserve" auction before it was over. Then last fall, my son, father and I ran into the owner at the Ducktail Run in Gas City. The car was "top drawer"! VERY COOL!
Before Christmas, the car appeared on eBay again with a $22,000.00 "buy it now" price. The bidding went up to $18 grand, but the reserve wasn't met. A week later, the car was back on eBay with a "buy it now" price of $18,000.00. I think bidders were sick of being jacked around. I don't think it even got up to $18,000.00 the last time. I'm wondering if this guy had his "Voodoo Kings" friends bidding up his car.
Don't get me wrong, the car is 'sic', but I don't think he'll be able to get what he is asking. None the less, the car is a great example of the latest "trend" in hot rods. Rat rods/Kustoms/etc. have been popping up at car shows and cruise-ins in greater numbers over the past few years. These cars are a "statement" or "backlash" against the high-dollar Boyd-like trailer queens that grace the pages of Street Rodder and other car mags. Many younger rodders are building these rats to get back to the traditional roots of hot-rodding, building their cars at home on more realistic budgets.