Friday, August 10, 2012

Still More Beatersville 2012

Well, we have finally gotten the rain seemed to miss us during the month of July. In fact, yesterday, there were parts of Indiana west of Indianapolis that received up to 4 inches through the overnight hours and early morning. The dry weather has GREATLY reduced the amount of time I've had to spend mowing my lawn this summer. In fact, I think I've only had to mow 2 or 3 times all summer!

Back in May, it was unseasonably hot as well. Regardless, the trip to Louisville, KY for the annual Beatersville show NEVER disappoints! Here is your "daily dose" of pictures from this year's event.

 HEY!!!! A couple of '50 Chevrolets!!!!!

 Great to see my FB buddy Russell Cheesman's cool Chevy pickup truck at the show!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the road, and keep the painted (or patina'd) side up!